Eager to pLease

New launch: Eager to pLease, a new leasing concept.

The following unique prints are available directly for sale and also to lease on a 1 year basis. The lease fee is 50% of the sale price. All leased items can be bought at the end of the lease for the remaining 50%.

This allows you the chance to live with the picture with the option to buy it, exchange it for another picture or return it to the studio at the end of the lease. The benefit of the Eager to pLease leasing concept is it allows you access to the art you love with full flexibility and without the investment and commitment to just one picture. The gallery of available art is frequently updated to allow you a sustainable option to choose the art you want to live with.

The sale prices of the prints range from 500-1200€. So become a collector for as little as 250€!

All prints are unique prints, edition of 1, printed by the artist, framed and ready to hang.

E mail info@marthaparsey.com for sales and enquiries.